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Producing Accessibility Signage

State and federal laws are mandating ADA signage, directional signage and pictograms for the visually impaired. To help you get into this market, Roland has a complete solution including software and substrates. The results are impressive and the workflow easy to master. Simply follow these guidelines below to create effective, industry compliant ADA signage right at your desktop.

To get started, you will need a personal computer, an engraver such as a Roland EGX model, a manual or automatic Raster™ inserter to place the dots, engraving software with a Braille translator and the right substrates. With these tools you can produce tamper resistant signs with inlaid graphics and informational signs for fire exits and building layout diagrams. Each can be color filled easily.

You may choose from a range of ADA compliant software including popular EngraveLab™ and FlexiEngrave™. Both have all the tools you need, including a Braille translator, to create all types of ADA signage and are excellent solutions for generating Braille and pictograms/raised text.

Once you’ve installed your software and connected your engraver to your computer, you’re ready to begin working. The entire production process can be completed in minutes. Here’s a description of the workflow:

  1. Position the substrate on your engraver.
  2. Load the engraver with a Braille dot cutter and configure the machine accordingly.
  3. Layout the text and the design in your design software.
  4. Convert the text into Braille using the Braille translator. This feature is included with both EngraveLab and FlexiEngrave.
  5. Use the engraver to drill holes in the substrate.
  6. Insert the rasters into the holes using a manual or automatic raster inserter.
  7. Next you need to produce the pictogram and raised text. Production is simple. Just place a piece of tactile material over the parts of the sign reserved for the pictogram and raised text. Swap out the tools on the engraver and route out the raised text and the pictogram. Then, weed out and brush off all of the unused material. The end result is an attractive accessibility sign that’s easy to read.

ADA signage can become a great profit center for your sign or engraving business. Roland’s EGX engravers make it easier than ever to ensure you are producing fully compliant, precision ADA signage for those who rely on it. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to grow your business.

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