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Can I have a little “Ham & Cheese?”

For the second year in a row, I had the chance to get in front of the camera with Matt Dixon of Sign & Digital Graphics Magazine for “5 minutes with” as a part of the NBM Long Beach show, and while I wouldn’t normally blog about it (or write home about it for that matter) since we do now have an outlet for reporting these kinds of things, I thought you might think it interesting. Even if I’m a “ham” and even if it’s a little “cheesy.” I can say that I didn’t have my oatmeal that morning, and it likely would have been better if so…

Here’s the link to the You Tube video:

These kinds of interviews are interesting. The “State of the Union” or “Predicting the Future” are common themes, all of which need to caveat-ed with the statement of “it all could change again at any moment.” So, I’ll throw out my best guess and based on some 17 years in the industry hope that it’s relatively on target. If nothing else, the recent excitement around our new VersaCAMM VS-series metallic ink printers is worth mentioning.

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PS: In case you find a similar video from 2009, it’s me again, and I apologize in advance. But, I have to say that I had just gotten off a 10+ hour flight from Japan and drove straight to the NBM Long Beach show, changed into a suit in the parking garage, and got behind the camera, so the funny perma-grin is not intentional.

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