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30,000 package prototypes

In the category of "a picture is worth a thousand words," this one might be worth 30,000! We've been working on a big summer project in our graphic production department. It all started when we were trying to figure out a way to get an actual box prototype - typically, a one-off - in the hands of the readers of Package Design Magazine. We struck on the idea of inserting one in every issue - which presented a monumental task:

How do you produce 30,000 package "prototypes?"

Well, you setup a bunch of machines, hire an intern, make sure he's eaten his oatmeal, load the VersaUV's up continuously throughout the day, and crank them out. We're tracking close to 25,000 now, and will complete all of them by the end of September, which should generate buzz for our LEC-330 through the end of the year and onward. Impressive to see all the machines running at once, and gives meaning to the phrase we've been throwing around here - "Rapid Package Prototyping."

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Rick Scrimger

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