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Real or Wrap? Tricking the Eye with Vinyl Wrap Graphics

Sign and graphic providers often create exciting vinyl wraps for vehicles, fridges, floors, bathrooms and doors that make the viewer question what they’re seeing. Whether it’s for an ad campaign, set design, home décor project or just for fun, Roland users are creating realistic graphics that trick the eye and entertain the viewer.

For your inspiration, here are a selection of awesomely eye-tricking wraps.

star wars vinyl warp for door

Image courtesy of Digital EFX Wraps LLC 
A vinyl wrapped closet door that looks like it came straight off the set of Star Wars.

realistic vinyl wrap example

Image courtesy of Think Image
A wrap that shows the anatomy of a sporty mini - a really cool effect that certainly makes you look twice!

elevator wrap

Is this an elevator in an upscale hotel? No, this is an ordinary floor and elevator in the Roland DGA Creative Center that was wrapped by movie scene designer, Martin T. Charles to give an amazing vintage appearance.

gymnast wrap

Image courtesy of The Vinyl Cut

Roland DG UK Creative Awards regional prize-winning wrap that surely turned a few heads on British motorways.

diver wrap

Image courtesy of Roland DG UK

A floor wrap that looks like you can jump right into that deep blue pool!


Another wrap from our Roland DGA Creative Center. It’s hard to tell that this pillar was not actually made of marble and that the floor is not actually tiled.

 Roland Rat Wrap Lotus Mad Max

Image courtesy of Motor 

This apocalyptic rat-look wrap for the Lotus F1 Team celebrated the recent Mad Max Fury Road movie and looks terrifyingly realistic.

old gas pump refrigerator wrap

Image courtesy of RM Wraps

Can you believe this is a fridge? A genius piece of wrapping that turned a generic fridge into this supercool retro masterpiece.

Coffee Truck Wrap

Image courtesy of Lola Red Design Group

A totally rad vehicle wrap that mimics materials – giving the impression that this food truck is covered in retro wood and metal paneling.

bathroom wrap

Image courtesy of Monster Image Digital printing
A lesson on how to turn a regular bathroom into a fantasy lagoon with vinyl graphics. 
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