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The Sun will rise again

This can't be happening. I thought when I first heard the news that a major earthquake had struck northern Japan. I had the same feeling when I heard that a devastating tsunami followed the earthquake. And again when I heard that the nuclear energy plant had lost power and was out of control. Can this really be happening all at the same time? Sadly, the answer turned out to be yes.

First, the good news. Our friends and colleagues and their families in Japan are all safe and accounted for. Same for all our factories and buildings. And while this is reassuring, it is but a small consolation compared to the severity of what is continuing to unfold in Japan.

While business-as-usual diverts our daily attention, the same cannot be said for thousands of people in Japan whose lives are forever changed. I can't believe that there is a single person who isn't moved by what is unfolding in Japan and doesn't feel at least a little bit guilty about how fortunate we are not to be affected. But what can we do? how can we help?

Short of flying to Japan and offering assistance, pledges of money to help fund the professionals who are best suited to offer aid is realistic support. To do so, visit the American Red Cross web site located here:

The lesson of this tragedy, like all tragedies, is never take life for granted and never fail to be grateful for each day. Meanwhile, to all our friends, colleagues and all the people of Japan, we offer our sincerest condolences and our prayers for your swift recovery.

Dave Goward

Dave Goward, CEO of Roland DGA Corporation, has more than 35 years of sales, marketing and management experience, including 24 years in the sign and graphics industry and 16 years with Roland DGA Corp. He enjoys fine automobiles and good wine and hates oatmeal.