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What’s Your Secret Sauce?

Back when I was in high school, our favorite burger joint advertised its secret sauce. Whatever it was made from, it gave their burgers a decidedly different taste than other hamburgers.

Today, marketers often talk about successful brands having a “secret sauce” – and they’re not talking about fast food. For Apple, their secret sauce is not only inventing groundbreaking products, but packaging them in a way that is simplistic to the point of seeming obvious. As Jonathan Ive, Apple chief designer says, “It feels almost inevitable.”

Roland DG products look intentionally like what they are – workhorse tools for creative professionals in a wide variety of industries. They’re engineered from the ground up and built with a dedication to quality that ensures they’ll be productive long after they’ve earned a solid payback for their owners. But, while it’s an important ingredient, I don’t think reliability is the secret sauce for Roland.

I think Roland’s secret sauce – from the way we design and build our products to the way we service and support them with free software updates and webinars – is Passion. Truth be told, we’re not here to sell you an inkjet, cutter, engraver or milling machine – we’re here to help you grow your business. And in the process, we’re building a family of owners, friends and loyal enthusiasts – people who are as passionate about what they do as we are.

Patrick Kersey

Patrick Kersey is Global Public Relations Director at Roland DGA. His professional background includes over 35 years in marketing both for advertising agencies and on the client side. He is also a published author.