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Prevent Mottling by Updating to VersaWorks 4.43

Mottling can cause quite an issue – if you let it. Fortunately, with Roland@NET, help is just a click away. Make sure your Roland@NET is activated in VersaWorks to receive Roland’s latest software upgrades like VersaWorks 4.43. The upgraded version has a number of improvements, including the new profile Generic Vinyl 3 to address “orange peel” or “mottling” issues. To activate Roland@NET click the “Check for Updates Automatically and Notify” button under the Edit/Preferences tab in VersaWorks.

Under the Update Options tab, be sure to check the “Download Media and Color Profiles” and “Only for the Current Printer Model and Ink Type” buttons. This will ensure you only receive updates specific to your device. You will now be prompted each time you start VersaWorks to check for any new updates that might be available.

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