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Use V-Panel to Control the Data Feed Output Speed of the MDX-540 series

If an MDX-540 series machine is running rough or making strange noises when moving in a circular pattern, but running fine in X & Y, then a quick setting change in the V-Panel could solve the problem.

First, update the firmware and V-Panel software to the most current version. Updates for all products are on the Roland support wizard.

Then go to the V-Panel > Options. On the main tab the feed output should have .2 as the fastest setting and .05 as the slowest. Select the slower setting and re-run your test program. This should solve the problem.

Why it works: Some software programs used with the Roland machines, such as Dr. Engrave, do not control the data feed output. So by slowing it down in the V-Panel, the machine will run much smoother under load.

Special thanks to Deborah Cox of Peak Solutions for this technical tip. She used this info from the Roland DGA technical support team to help get a customer up and running and was kind enough to suggest we share it. Thank you Deb!

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