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Click Mill Software – Milling without 3D Data

Click Mill software is included with every MDX-40A, and is a fantastic utility that makes it easy to do simple milling tasks and create simple parts without the need for CAD geometry. Typically Roland mills need CAD design data to generate tool paths in SRP Player or Modela Player and subsequently drive the machine. But what if you just want to surface a block, drill some holes, or create a pocket or channel? Click Mill drives the MDX-40A with simple commands based on the task at hand.

Here’s how:

Let’s say you want a simple, fast way to hold one or more parts in place for 2-sided milling. In Click Mill you can select the “Pocket” tab and then enter the values for X and Y dimensions along with the depth (Z). You can also select the option to cut the corners square or leave fillets…

Once the pocket is created, you can drop in your stock, mill one side, then flip the stock, place it back in the pocket, and mill the opposite side.Why not use Click Mill to pre-size your stock to fit directly in the pocket you just made? Just select the “Cutout” tab to create a piece of stock to fit inside the pocket. Now you have a piece of stock for your prototype and a pocket to hold it while you mill each side.

You can also use Click Mill to drill holes and create slots and surface stock. Just like Modela and SRP Player, Click Mill automatically manages the cutting parameters so you don’t have to worry about feeds and speeds. Just tell it what tool to use and what material you are cutting and you are all set. You can also add new cutting parameters and save your custom settings for future use. Take some time to explore Click Mill software.

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