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We like Dr. Seuss at Roland

We just wrapped up a new video highlighting some of the things you can do with a VersaCAMM. And while it’s obvious we like Dr. Seuss at Roland, as you’ll soon see, it did provide a clever way to tell the story of versatility, creativity & ROI vs. a simple price-driven message that seems to pervade the printer market. It’s also worth noting that when you’re making a printer investment, it’s much more than just the product. It’s the support, service, webinars & education, and more. Ok, I’m off the soapbox. Let’s get on with the show…

Check out the video, and let me know what you think of it. Here’s our whimsical fable:

“Shop on the Left, Shop on the Right”

Thanks for reading (& viewing!)


Rick Scrimger

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