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And the Oscar Goes to...

Yes, it’s Oscar season, and though the Academy has missed the boat on this one, we have NOT!

Roland customers are out there on YouTube and we are here to applaud the effort. In our first ever Academy Awards of sorts, we’d like to showcase the Roland community as you have never seen it – with the cameras rolling.

Some of our top YouTube picks are from the last year. Others have stood the test of time. All are Oscar worthy performances featuring – you guessed it – Roland customers and products.

So grab the popcorn, turn up the volume, and enjoy these creative masterpieces!

Best Comedy Actor in a Starring Role

World’s Most Interesting Dental Technician

Campy, yet sophisticated and full-on tongue in cheek, this video you’ve just got to see. From Stonehenge to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Roland DWX-50 customer Shaun Keating is “The Most Interesting Dental Technician in the World.” Tune in to watch Shaun drink from the Fountain of Youth, dive from a helicopter to catch a record sized marlin with his bare hands and paint a Mona Lisa portrait daily – all with perfectly milled dental prosthetics in hand. What the video doesn’t show is that Shaun also “kicks it” on his Roland drum kit – better than Travis Barker. Never in the history of dentistry has one man accomplished so much.

Best Soundtrack in a Tutorial

Changing a VersaCAMM Cutting Strip

This one really took me by surprise, with its catchy guitar music and rather industrial subject matter. Quite honestly, changing your VersaCAMM cutter strip has never felt so much like being in a beer garden or art festival. And even without a voiceover, I’ve got the process down pat! It just goes to show that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Best Blockbuster Cameo

DarthVaderMask prototyping with Roland MDX-20

May the force be with you! Sandwiched between the star-studded interviews and outtakes in this Star Wars tribute lies a compelling – if messy – B-roll action sequence featuring none other than the MDX-20. Take a walk on the dark side to see first hand how Roland technology helped create Darth Vadar’s iconic mask.

Best Special Effects

rG Half Pipe Wrap

It would never occur to me to put a skateboarding ramp in my office, but then, I am over 40! Check out this fast-paced production featuring young entrepreneurial artists, all the action of skateboarding, clever subtitles in bubbles, floating project prototypes and Roland-printed graphics. Gamut Media not only wraps the soccer-themed ramp before your very eyes, but shows just how the design concept came to life with the boys from Related Grey. As my 15-year-old son would say, “Sick!”

Best Foreign Film

Roland VersaCAMM SP-540i

With a certain international flair, this short piece is packed with interesting beauty shots of the VersaCAMM. What is more interesting, though, is the way the movements of the printer are perfectly timed to the piano concerto in the background. Exquisite!