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New White Paper Explores How VersaUV Technology Takes Package Prototyping to the Next Level

Every package designer, flexographic printer, or converter faces a similar dilemma – how to produce a package prototype, quickly and economically, that looks and feels like the final product. The problem is magnified ten-fold when the client wishes to see several iterations.

Fortunately, thanks to the recent introduction of UV inkjets with low-heat LED lights, there is now a solution for printing prototypes on actual press stock — prototypes that are so realistic that a customer often can’t tell them from the finished product. Even better, with inkjet printing, prototypes can be produced in an hour or two on everything from corrugated cardboard and chipboard to shrink wrap, metallic and synthetic papers and foils, BOPP, PE and PET film.

A whitepaper written for the flexo market, “How UV LED Inkjet Technology Is Increasing Profits for Flexographic Printers,” presents expert analysis and user case studies to highlight how these printers make package prototyping and proofing easier, faster and more cost effective than ever before.

According to Adam Geerts, president of PBM Graphics, “Among all the millions of dollars of equipment we’ve purchased over the years, nothing has generated as much excitement with the sales team as the Roland VersaUV LEC-330. There’s a lot we can do to show the customer what a finished product will look like without having to manufacture one.”