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GoPro Camera Accessory 3D Printed

Roland’s monoFab ARM-10 is the kind of device that helps engineers, product designers, artists and other creative people solve problems. At our Roland DG headquarters in Irvine, that’s exactly what we find ourselves doing more and more, as we continue to discover new ways to use this handy desktop 3D printer.

GoPro 3D accessory

We needed a specific tool for the GoPro camera and used the ARM-10 to print it

Our Video Production Specialist, Ed Navarro discovered a unique problem when setting up one of our latest Roland DG webinars. He uses a GoPro camera during these live streaming events as a secondary camera to put inside or underneath devices to get really tight shots and enable the viewer to see how our experts set-up and operate. However, Ed didn’t have the right housing to attach to a tripod or C-stand and needed this piece of equipment within a matter of days.

“The GoPro is an awesome device for getting close ups and difficult angles, but the problem was that the housing that came with the camera is fully enclosed and doesn’t allow for an HDMI cable to connect for live streaming.”

GoPro housing 3D printed

The ARM-10 3D-printed GoPro housing with HDMI cable attached

To resolve this issue, Ed figured that we had the technology and could make a special GoPro housing ourselves. After finding an STL template online, he partnered with our 3D Milling and Printing Device Product Manager, Will Seith, to create our own solution using the ARM-10. Will explained that he had no problem printing the GoPro housing CAD file, using our monoFab Player AM CAM software, even though it had a couple of “tricky” 2mm clips on the sides.

“The GoPro housing was on a flat plane and was an easy print. I wasn’t entirely sure how the clips down the side of the housing would print, but they printed perfectly.”

GoPro 3D printing accessory

We also made a display version (right) that was painted black to put with our other 3D showcase products

The GoPro project showcases the rapid and intricate prototyping capabilities of the ARM-10. We needed a specific tool to solve a problem and we were able to find this solution quickly via this incredibly versatile device.

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