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Read practical engraving articles about Roland EGX engraving machines and about the personalization of awards, jewelry, rhinestone apparel, and signs. Discover software tips and get helpful info about Roland SRP Player software and Roland engraving hardware.

It’s Not Rocket Science

One of my hobbies is managing a small but growing portfolio of stocks and among my better performing investments of the past few years has been Apple (APPL). Accordingly, I read a fair amount of news and commentary in the business and investment press with regards to whether Apple will continue to grow, or whether it’s peaked.

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Going To The Dogs

Quick, look at the clothes you’re wearing. If anything you are wearing has been embellished with printing, embroidery, a heat transfer, rhinestones, studs, or a host of other techniques, then it is officially decorated apparel. The ISS Long Beach Show opened today, and as usual, I saw some exciting and unexpected things. There were lots of blanks, including T-shirts, hats, bags, jackets, sweatshirts, and athletic gear, but there was also a booth full of slippers, and one full of dog clothing.

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How to generate single line fonts for use with Dr. Engrave

Before you go out and spend $79 – $500 for an “engraving” font package, read on. Dr. Engrave includes a unique feature that allows you to create them yourself. The utility is called SFEdit and is included as part of the Dr. Engrave software package. This utility allows you to take any Windows Truetype font and convert it into a single line font. That means that if you have 2,000 Truetype fonts on your PC, you can have 2,000 single line fonts for use with Dr. Engrave. In addition, the SFEdit program allows you to edit the font library to “clean it up” to your liking. If you’ve never used the SFEdit program to create your own fonts here are the steps to follow.

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Hello, my name is…

This is my Roland name badge. It took less than 5 minutes to make and cost less than $1. You could sell one like it for around $6. You probably couldn’t sell this one for $6, since I have an unusual name, and anyone with my name is unlikely to have my title as well, which limits the audience substantially. On the other hand, actually making name tags for people with their names on them can be a very good business. All kinds of companies use name badges, and some of them are probably your customers already.

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Producing Accessibility Signage

State and federal laws are mandating ADA signage, directional signage and pictograms for the visually impaired. To help you get into this market, Roland has a complete solution including software and substrates. The results are impressive and the workflow easy to master. Simply follow these guidelines below to create effective, industry compliant ADA signage right at your desktop.

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