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Roland customers are some of the most imaginative and creative people we've ever met. To support your creativity and need for inspiration,we have created a selection of blog entries to help you get inspired and excited about creating your next vehicle wrap, sign, custom graphic or prototype.  The following content ranges from fun articles and infographics to customer interviews and print news.

A Closer Look at the Design and Typography of Unique Labels and Products

As senior graphic designer at Roland DGA, one of my personal highlights each year is creating print samples to show-off the capabilities of our machines. We start these design and print projects by creating a pseudo print brand to showcase our specialty inks and features such as print/cut. Like everything at Roland DGA, this is a team effort and with the help of amazing freelance illustrators like Joe Diaz, these projects are always some of our most eye-catching and impressive.

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A Print Wonderland! Take a 3D Look Inside our Roland DGA Headquarters

If you’ve never visited our Roland DGA headquarters in Irvine, then here’s a first person 3D look at our Creative Center and showroom via the power of Google. If you can’t stop by our Irvine office to say hello and to take a look at some of the cool graphics on display, this is the next best thing.

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Meet Some Successful Large Format Graphics Businesses and Discover Why they Chose Roland

At Roland, we love our customers and we’re inspired by what they do with Roland products. We recently visited three Roland customers who are doing really exciting things in the sign and graphics industry and asked them why they chose Roland printers. Here is a short video of what they had to say:

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The Fab11 Conference – Inspiring and Hacking into the Future

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Am I doing enough to make an impact on this world?” That’s how I felt when I arrived at the Fab11 conference in Boston, but by the end of the day, I was INSPIRED. The conference, held on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) campus was full of passionate people sharing projects to encourage creativity and ingenuity, and to make digital fabrication accessible to everyone, everywhere. I met some exceptional people who are introducing the concept of fabrication and technology to children in the most rural areas of the world who may never have seen a computer before to educate and encourage them to use their imaginations to create and build.

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Roland Joins the Fury with the Lotus Mad Max F1 Car

Likely, most Roland vehicle wrap users and other Roland gearheads have already seen the Mad Max Fury Road movie with its spectacular array of post apocalyptic hotrods and weirdly wonderful machines. What you might not know is that Roland DG had a small part to play in the promotion of this movie with a very special F1 car that looks like it spent more time in the deserted wastelands of Australia, chasing after the elusive Mad Max than it has on an F1 track.

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With Roland Videos #2 – Roland Machines In-Action

Our With Roland video contest generated a great response from Roland DGA customers who allowed us into their businesses and lives to share how Roland machines have helped them grow and succeed. The contest is now over and the winner of a brand new Roland has been chosen, but we loved watching all the video entries, so we’d like to share some of them here. In the second of our series of videos that celebrate our With Roland entrants and the amazing work they do, here is a sample of the videos that show Roland DGA customers in-action.

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The WithRoland Video Contest

See some of the videos that are making us smile, laugh and cry and enter your own. Who knew that Roland print devices could help you fall in love, feed some fish, or get you out of a snowstorm? With less than two weeks to go in our WithRoland video contest, we’re calling for Roland users to share their video story to win a Roland product of their choice and we’re already discovering so much about our customers and how they use Roland technology. Here are just a few entries that we’d like to share with you in hope that you too will be inspired to put your WithRoland story on film:

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What Can’t You Print On?

The flatbed printer revolution and what it means for your business. When discussing flatbed UV printing, the statement “what can’t you print on!” is probably more appropriate. With the right flatbed device, there are not many items you can’t directly print on. For sign shops and other design and print businesses, UV flatbed printing represents a massive increase in production capabilities.

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