Continuing Education Clinics

Roland invites you to attend any or all of the Roland Continuing Education Clinics that are being held in conjunction with LMT’s LAB DAY at the Chicago Hyatt on Friday, Feb. 26th and Saturday, Feb. 27th.

Clinics are open to all LMT LAB DAY attendees at no charge and present an opportunity to gain scientific credits.

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Clinic Schedule



Roland Dental Solutions - Configuration Options

By Brian Brooks, Roland DGA
9:00-10:30am  |  1.5 Scientific Credits

Experts from Roland will dissect todays dental laboratory and the day to day needs they have when it comes to CNC machine choices. Learn about Roland's scalable solutions and what important factors should be taken in to consideration when starting or growing your laboratory business.

  • Understand the difference between application driven CNC manufacturing in today's dental lab
  • Learn how your laboratory can market specialty applications to your clinical customers
  • Learn about the wet/dry dedicated solutions that are offered by Roland

A light breakfast will be served during this clinic.


Hidden Benefits of Owning CAD/CAM

By Tom Hagen, CAP
10:45-11:30am  |  1 Scientific Credit

Looking Past the ROI, and realizing the hidden benefits of owning and controlling your own manufacturing process with CAD/CAM.


New Frontiers in Biomaterials for Prosthetic Restorations

By Dr. Richard Rodriguez C.
1:00pm – 2:30pm  |  1.5 Scientific Credits

Dr. Richard A. Rodriguez C. will cover the use of biomaterials in the treatment of patients with needs of partial or complete restorations. To illustrate each case, he will share CT scans, intraoral scan, restoration CAD design and milled TRINIA bars and Bicon implant systems. Participants will learn about implant strategy utilizing fixed Full Arch Metal-Free TRINIA™ Prosthesis on Bicon SHORT® Implants.


New CAD/CAM Material Choices: How to Mill Restorations that Look and Act Like Natural Teeth

By Jim McGuire, CDT, VITA North America
3:00 – 4:30pm  |  1.5 Scientific Credits

Incorporating CAD/CAM into your lab is a critical step in increasing productivity, and learning how to get the most out of your milled materials is critical. In order to get the highest level of productivity out of your investment, you need to know what materials are optimized for your milling system and when to offer them to your customers. In this interactive lecture you will see how to easily produce the most popular designs being requested in today's dental market. New material options such as VITA Enamic®, which has material properties strikingly similar to natural teeth, as well as other esthetic choices, will be explored. In addition, post milling processing and characterization to fabricate ideal results will be discussed.

  • Strategies to maximize production workflow with your milling unit
  • How to create incredibly accurate, esthetic CAD/CAM restorations
  • Material options to meet individual indications
  • Processing techniques of milled frameworks and restorations
  • Easy, fast characterization techniques for superior esthetics





What's New With 3Shape?

By Dean Sullivan
8:00am – 9:30  |  1.5 Professional Development Credits

This clinic will focus on the current 3shape Scanner portfolio for 2016, as well as highlights of the design software functionality. The objective for this clinic is to fully understand the differences between the scanners, technically speaking, as well as learning the beneficial functions within the design software. Special attention will be focused on Return on Investment opportunities a 3Shape system can deliver. A light breakfast will be served during this clinic.


Digital Technology in Fixed Prosthodontics and Implant Dentistry

By Konstantinos Chochlidakis, DDS
10:00am – 11:30  |  1.5 Scientific Credits

Recent advances in dental technology have introduced new restoration fabrication procedures with their use steadily increasing in clinical practice. Advances in computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology have led to the production of more accurately fitting milled restorations, and more widespread use of a digital workflow for prosthesis fabrication.
The outline of this lecture will include an introduction to the CAD/CAM technology, the different digital workflows in Fixed Prosthodontics and the description of the two major CAM techniques. The use of digital technology in Implant dentistry and the pros/cons of the digital technology will be presented as well. The clinical and laboratory steps of several cases will be presented. The utilization of digital intraoral impressions, lab scanners and different milling machines (including wet mill for glass ceramics and dry milling machine for zirconia) in a University environment will be described. The challenges for the clinicians and the importance of good communication with the lab technician will be discussed as well.


Convergence of Digital Dental Technologies and Advanced Applications of CAD/CAM

By Terence Whitty, Founder and Owner FabDent Products and Services, Australia
1:00pm – 2:30pm  |  1.5 Scientific Credits

The future of dental technology is firmly rooted in mechanization and automation and there is a major move toward a convergence of interrelated technologies, i.e., the merging of 3D scanned data with 3D radiographs and extraoral facial scans, allowing dentists to create virtual patients with all the metrics required for diagnosis, treatment planning and technology-aided treatment. This lecture will investigate this convergence and show some practical examples of current applications using CAD/CAM technology available today.

  • Overview of current imaging technologies and The Digital Dental Workflow
  • Understand Convergence of Imaging Technologies and how it relates to the laboratory technician/ dentist relationship.
  • To understand the technicians role in manipulating converged CAD data
  • View workflow examples in relation to Current Digital Dental Technology
  • Observe Computer Aided Manufacture examples and various types of materials and how they relate.


From CAD to CAM - Understanding the Impact of Digital Designs on Manufacturing & the Difference Between Open & Closed Systems

By Michael Web, CIMsystem
3:00pm – 4:30pm  |  1.5 Scientific Credits

In the recent digital revolution that has overtaken the Dental Industry, we've seen dozens of different CAD systems emerge that are specifically designed for the design of dental restorations. It's important for lab technicians to recognize the differences in these systems and how these CAD systems can impact the outcome of a local or outsourced manufactured restoration. In this clinic, we will talk about how the CAD can have a huge impact on our ability to properly process files in the CAM software - leading up to a properly manufactured restoration. While we can generally find a work around or manually tweak our manufacturing processes to "override" these shortcomings - it is best to examine both side of the fabrication process to ensure that we are designing and outputting files that are conducive for the manufacturing method we are using. We will also be discussing Open vs Closed CAD systems by examining real-world output samples from these different systems to determine and pinpoint differences between natively open systems and closed systems that offer the option to "open" the output.

  • Understand how we can properly design restorations for Milling use CAM software.
  • Understanding commonly misunderstood design parameters and how these impact the CAM.
  • Understand the difference between Natively Open CAD systems and Closed Systems



Tom Hagen

VP Sales-Partner, CAP

Tom Hagen has over 20 years experience in the dental industry, with over 12 years CAD/CAM expertise. He is the former owner of Colonial Dental Studio, where we produced over 250 CAD/CAM units per day. Extensive business development experience. Current managing partner and owner of Custom Automated Prosthetics.

Dr. Richard A. Rodriguez C.


Dr. Richard A. Rodriguez C. has been a practicing dental professional for 17 years at a dental practice in Caracas, Venezuela. He is a graduate of Universidad Central de Venezuela and Implant Dentistry Center in Boston, MA. He has lectures on implant placement and restorations and serve as a Clinical Instructor for Bicon Dental Implants.

Konstantinos Chochlidakis

DDS, Assistant Professor, University of Rochester

Dr. Chochlidakis received his D.D.S. from the University of Athens in 2008. In 2010, he joined Eastman Institute for Oral Health Prosthodontics Program. After earning his specialty in Prosthodontics in 2013, he was an Assistant Professor and Co-Director of Clinical Fixed Prosthodontics at Temple University for two years. Earlier this year, Dr. Chochlidakis returned back as a full-time Assistant Professor and Clinic Director in the Prosthodontics Department at University of Rochester.

Jim McGuire

Director, Education & Technical Support, VITA North America

Jim McGuire has been in the dental field for over 30 years. In 1984, Jim received his Associates of Science Degree in Dental Technology from the Dental Technology Institute in Orange, California and in 1994 became a Certified Dental Technician. Since 2004, Jim has been the Director of Education and Technical Support for VITA North America. Jim has published dental lab implant articles, has frequently lectured, and conducted many hands-on clinical, laboratory implant prosthetic and CAD/CAM courses.

Dean Sullivan

Training & Application Specialist, 3Shape

Dean Sullivan is an Academy Trainer & Dental Application Specialist with 3shape, where he travels extensively teaching and speaking on how to use 3shape’s various offerings. He started with the company in March of 2014. Prior to working for 3shape, he worked as a dental technician for more than a decade in Jacksonville, Florida. He has been working with CAD/CAM systems since 2003 and has a quite thorough knowledge of how they’re utilized in today’s Digital Dental Lab. He will be speaking about the history of 3shape as well as their new scanner portfolio and 2015 Dental System software.

Mr. Terence Whitty

Founder and Owner Fabdent Products and Services, Australia

Terence Whitty is one of the most experienced and unique technical instructors and lectures nationally and internationally on a wide variety of dental technology and material science subjects. Terence's specialties include fixed and removable prosthetics, orthodontics, TMD and implantology. He is the owner of Fabdent, a busy Digital Dental Laboratory in Sydney Australia that uses advanced intra and extraoral scanning, Advanced CAD design and data manipulation, Milling, Grinding and 3D printing technologies. Terry has over 60 articles published and these regularly appear in international journals translated into various languages.

Brian Brooks

Roland DGA

Brian Brooks has been the Sr. Dental Solutions Product Manager at Roland DGA for the last five years with a focus on dental technology and the technical integration of dental and industrial systems for today's market. He is also experienced in additive and subtractive CAD/CAM technology, and has been involved in CAD/CAM, CNC machining, 3D printing and developing technical training programs for Roland dealers and users. As part of Roland's global product development team, he has been responsible for managing relationships with CAD/CAM partners for integration with all of Roland's dental milling machines.

Michael Web

President, CIMsystem

President of CIMsystem USA for 2 years – over 6 years of Dental CAD/CAM Support, Training and R&D experience across multiple platforms.

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Roland Cocktail Reception

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As another great year gets underway for Roland and the dental lab community, we’d like to express our appreciation for a growing number of Roland users by hosting a cocktail reception that immediately follows the first day of the show.

Held in the private dining area of the cool and modern, American Craft Restaurant at the Hyatt, the event promises to be an exciting and lively evening with beer, wine, appetizers, and gifts.

Friday, February 26 from 6 pm-8 pm (CST) (Immediately following the close of show)

American Craft Restaurant at the Chicago Hyatt

This is a closed event and you must be a dealer, partner, or registered Roland user to attend.


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