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The following articles are designed to inform readers of cutter software, applications, tools and machines. If you're looking for specific articles about Roland VersaWorks or CutStudio software or you want information about stickers, apparel and the items you can produce with a Roland cutter, you're in the right place. From fun articles about cutter projects to technical info, this is a hub of cutter machine knowledge.

Great Accessories to Keep Your GX Clean

As a GX-24 or GX Pro owner, you may keep your machine in a shop or warehouse environment where the dirt can accumulate pretty fast. Aside from the “ick” factor, a dirty environment can build up static, affecting cut quality. The perfect solution for the mess? A catch basket to protect the graphics and a machine cover to protect the technology! These affordable accessories, made from durable thick nylon materials and powder coated steel for long life, will keep dirt away from the machine that drives your business. Purchase these and other GX accessories from your authorized reseller or directly from the Roland DGA Store.

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How to View Curved Text and Other Effects in CutStudio

Curved text is a must have when doing sports or any other type of apparel appliqués. So if your text effects in Adobe® Illustrator®, such as curves, are not properly displaying in the CutStudio plug-in window, try “expanding” the text to get the desired effect. This can be done by highlighting the graphic and choosing “Object/Expand” or “Object/Expand Appearance” in order to turn the text into vector lines that can be understood by the CutStudio software plug-in. This works with just about any effect that does not register in the plug-in window. Once it displays correctly, all that is left is to output the job to the cutter!

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Select the CustomCUT in VersaWorks for Letter Perfect Registration

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to improve registration of printing and cutting when producing small decals? Well, it turns out that there is. It’s a bit hidden in VersaWorks™ , but with CustomCUT, you are able to setup segments between printing and cutting that improve registration, especially when dealing with small objects in high quantities.

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Film Cutter & Plotter Technologies Questions:

What will a cutter do for me as a restyler in each of these areas: PPF, window tinting, vehicle wraps? That is, how will my business, benefit? For PPF, tint and partial vehicle wraps, the cutter will act as a separate employee providing consistently accurate work on a regular basis, saving materials and providing an accurate return on investment. Users benefit from a device that lowers their cost of inventory and maximizes their throughput on install jobs. The cutter can work cutting out the patterns (window, hood, wrap design) precisely while the installer is prepping the vehicle. Because all restyling applications require some method of surface prep, the cutter can be an active part of the process and reduce the time to install while providing consistent results for many years.

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