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Tech Support to the Rescue

It seems like issues come up at the worst possible time – like during the biggest job of the year or late at night. Who are you gonna call? My Dealer has gone home, Roland's Technical Support Department isn't available and I’m pretty sure the Ghost Busters have retired. Roland’s new support page to the rescue!

We in Roland DGA Tech Support are always striving to make life easier for our equipment owners. One recent initiative along those lines is the development of a new public support web site, populated with as many documents as possible, so the customer stays operational any time of the day or night. Recent Improvements to the Technical Support Site :

  • 100’s of easy to find documents to answer any question (Technical Staff has been working overtime for a year to populate it).
  • Popular downloads more accessible. For example, you’ll find the drivers right at the top of the support site:
  • Image-based product selection, not text based, making it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Which brings me to the million dollar question… is it is working? Has our hard work paid off for anyone? Based on increased traffic to the site and random anecdotes, we think so. The other day, a customer had a hiccup during a huge job on a Saturday. It wasn’t the ghost busters that helped him out… it was a simple cleaning of the head, and the information on the site showed him exactly how to do it. Maybe the rest of you should take some time to clean your heads too.

If you’re a Roland owner… inkjet, engraver, milling machine or otherwise, we welcome your feedback. If you have an idea for improvement to the site or a success story, we’d really love to know about it. In fact, you can email me directly That way I’ll know someone’s reading my blogs. Thanks for being part of the Roland family.

Ron Ball

Ron Ball is the Director of Services at Roland DGA, and has 30 years experience in the plotter/cutter/printer industry. He enjoys time at the beach, as well as coaching baseball for high school kids aspiring to play in college.